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Barb asked 10 years ago

Need to bid a 6000 sq.ft new construction home. 10 ft. ceilings. All ceilings and walls same color. Need a bid with/without materials. Anyone out there that can help me?

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Crowder Painting answered.

The actual price depends on your location and material costs. But here is a simple way to figure it out.

6000 x 3.7 = 22200 sq/ft on the 'wall'
22200 x $.35 = $7770.00 w/materials
Materials = $2450.00

3.7 is a rough way to figure out the wall & ceiling sq/ft. Do a good measurement on the prints for accurate numbers.

$.35 is the price per sq/ft to prime and paint. This is a typical price for my location.

The amount of materials is 75 gallons per coat. Cheap PVA, Porter, is $10 per gallon and good cheap paint is $20 per gallon locally. Total materials = $750 (PVA) + $1500 (PNT) + $200 (Misc) = $2450

Everything is blow & go, the walls and ceiling only. No trim pack, extra colors, additional sheens (satin only) and no exterior work. Adjust your price according to the specs for the job and your local prices.