Black for doors and trim?

Amy asked 10 years ago

Home is a brown/red/beige brick mixture and currently white door, garage door and window trim. We’re debating black for all to add elegance…thoughts?

2 Answers
Anonymous answered.

I would go for black, but before maybe you should try colours in photoshop or similar software. Experiment also with darker or lighter colours you already have in the house, even if it is in a small amount. For this experiment you should take a photo of the house (not at noon, night or with artificial light or distorted colour mode) and then transfer to your computer, sample and replace colour with desired colour (that you may sample from internet image search). You can use this also for trying different elements and textures before wasting money.

Anonymous answered.

It would have to be a shiny black, in my opinion, if changing the trim and garage door to black. But I agree, it would look elegant. Good luck!