Blue painters' tape removed some of the new paint.

Questions & AnswersCategory: Painting Tool Use and CareBlue painters' tape removed some of the new paint.
Anonymous asked 9 years ago

I recently painted my bathroom. I did the baseboards and door frames a different color. I used blue painters’ tape to protect the newly painted walls. When I removed the tape — it removed some of the new paint. How many days do I have to wait after painting before I can use tape on it?

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JT Creations, LLC answered.

Simple answer… possibly 2 – 3 months. A common misconception with regard to latex paints is that when they are dry to the touch they are dry. Wrong. Latex paints may take as long as 2 months to cure. Next time try what the pros do, Paint all the trim except the baseboards first, then paint the walls. Use the natural distinction between the wall and trim to help with the straight line. After the wall paint is dry to the touch, then you can paint the baseboard using the edge as your straight line.