Bubbling Ceiling Paint

Anonymous asked 10 years ago

The ceiling paint in our living room has now bubbled in a second area. 1st bubbling happened about a year ago. I scraped, primed the area & painted 2 coats on entire ceiling about 3 months ago. Now about 10 feet away from 1st problem area, there is another section of bubbling. We live in a 1950 ranch. There is an attic with insulation above this living room which we checked and there is no moisture. Could the difference in temp. between the heated living room and unheated attic cause this? It had never happened before? Any suggestions on how to stop it from happening again?

1 Answers
Anonymous answered.

It is possible the temperature differences between the attic and living room is causing condensation. This is a typical problem with older homes that don't have a moisture barrier, heavy plastic film, between the sheetrock or plaster and the frame.

Stopping this from happening isn't easy. Adding additional insulation to the attic might help. Also, maintaining higher temps in the room might prevent some condensation from forming.