Bubbling new paint on interior bedroom door?

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Diane asked 7 years ago

I very recently painted an inside bedroom door with eggshell paint. The door had a glossy finish originally and this is an old house (23 yrs.). I sanded the door first, as it was suggested. Someone accidentally put pencil marks on the Swiss Coffee door (I’ve read that this is the hardest mark to remove). I looked up online how to remove it and was advised to use a lightly damped Mr. Clean Magic Eraser using light strokes, which I did. Even doing it this way, the paint was removed to its old finish. When I went to paint over this small spot, the paint began to bubble and peeled like rubber. I was sick! So, I sanded down the rough patches and decided to primer it, this time, but the primer did the same thing causing more bubbling. Please help me find a solution to get my door painted, again. Thank you.

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