Can 5 year old Behr premiun paint be used?

Questions & AnswersCategory: Paint Types and Paint ProblemsCan 5 year old Behr premiun paint be used?
Maryann asked 10 years ago

Never opened the 5 year old gallon can of mixed antiquex white for the bathroom. Is it too old to use now?

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MagicDave answered.

Try a sample on a small piece of wall and see… wait a few days to check it… it really depends on if it had ever FROZE (assuming it's Acrylic)… if it did, then it's no good any more… if it is oil base it probably is still good…

Anonymous answered.

Like to add; if the paint is too thick it can be thinned, stir it well before using and if it smells bad (rotten eggs or worse) DO NOT USE. This applied to all paints and primers.