Can front steps be two-toned?

Lisa W. asked 10 years ago

We have long wooden stairs leading to our front door. It is painted white, and when the sun is shining bright, it becomes blinding. Do you think it would look odd if just the top of the steps were painted a different color than the rest of the stairs and railing? (I was thinking of a light beige, which is the color of our siding or the dark brown of our shutters.)
Thank you!

2 Answers
Anonymous answered.

It definitely can! If you are going extremely dark, I would eggshell the white or make it not as bright. If you two tone the color of the step you should keep them in tone with the color of your home or very close items of decoration. In the picture, if this is the color of your home you could go a little lighter in the beige color for the top and leave the kick boards on your stairs white, it would look lovely and give a welcoming feel to the stark white stairs.

Anonymous answered.

Yes sir your idea is fine and much more my suggestion is to paint one step in one color and other in other color and repeat the same fashion till the end.It gives a novel look to your home.