Can I paint over white stone?

Kylie asked 10 years ago

The front of my house is done in white stone (big pieces) – The rest of the house is light grey and the roof is blue metal!! These are definitely not my colors, so I’m ready to paint. I’m going to have the roof painted green and the house in the “natural” taupe family. My problem is the ugly white stone on the front. I have seen several houses with the “natural” tan colored stones & I love it. How can I paint over my stones so that they will look natural?

1 Answers
Crowder Painting answered.

A masonry stain might work. A masonry stain will give you a more natural look without looking painted. This idea depends on the type of stone and its porosity.

If possible, try to identify the stone type and find some available for purchase. You will only need one or two pieces. Call your local paint stores and find out which ones carry masonry stains. Take the stone pieces to your local paint store and have the sales clerk apply a little to the stones to see its affect.

If the stone will accept the stain then your in business. Now you will need to choose a color.