Can interior doors be different colors?

Questions & AnswersCategory: Interior Paint Colors-Trim, Windows, DoorsCan interior doors be different colors?
Anonymous asked 10 years ago

I’m remodeling my bathroom in an Asian theme – black cabinet, copper countertop, black wallpaper with Asian scene – but the two doors and door frames are white! What should I do?

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Anonymous answered.

Go with black and white! It's a classic! Throw in a couple of black and white-themed accessories and you will be good to go! In fact, a black and white scheme with a gold accent color sounds beautiful. It's not uncommon to have white doors. In fact, this will make the room look clean and crisp from the outside. However, if you prefer your entire house to have this scheme, you can always paint the doors black too. Remember though, it is more difficult to paint over black.

Anonymous answered.

For Asian interior design the color palette can be simple. Reds, blacks, whites and metallic tones all work well together. As long as you choose only a few colors to work with and keep the patterns to a minimum there should be no need to repaint the doors and frames. The white on the doors and frames will be a nice break from the black counter top and wallpaper. White is a commonly used in Asian design due to its simplicity and minimalism.