Can pressed board cabinets be repaired?

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Sara asked 10 years ago

I have old pressed board (particle board) cabinets in my kitchen. The drawer fronts have the corners broken off and the “wooden designed” paper laminate is peeling off. Is there any way to fix this or must they just be replaced?

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Crowder Painting answered.

Yes and no. The drawer fronts can't be easily repaired, there isn't a good way to repair the broken corners. But they can be replaced and this shouldn't be terribly expensive.

The peeling laminate can be repaired. For this, the peeling and loose laminate is removed through hand scraping, a little sanding to knock down the edges, primer to seal the areas needing the repair and using either spackling paste or Bondo to build up the areas level with the surrounding undamaged areas. This is very doable.