Can't pick a paint color?

Mary Dorian asked 9 years ago

My living room and 3 of my bedrooms have wood stained brown ceilings. Now I was told many times to paint them white and then was told that it will bring the value of the house down because it is stained natural wood. I am trying to find out what color I should paint the walls, I like the colors of Melony or Peachy beige but I can’t pick a color, also should I keep the ceilings stained brown or paint them white? Please Help!

2 Answers
Anonymous answered.

I think that you should paint the ceilings white, so that you can then choose a neutral color to paint the walls. If you are trying to sell your home, choosing a neutral color can appeal to more potential buyers, therefore increasing your chance to sell. If you are not planning on selling, I would still paint the ceiling white because it would open up the rooms and make it feel larger. As for the "melony or peachy beige" colors, my walls are painted a light-green melon color and I love it (however, I have white ceilings). Ultimately, I think I would pick whichever colors you like the most. Because you will see the colors more than anyone else, choosing colors that you like seems to be the most logical thing.

Anonymous answered.

I have never seen wood stained ceilings! That is so unique. I would definitely leave them that color. I would think melony or peachy would be too bright of a color. In my head I am seeing a dark red! I think it would really make the wood stained ceiling looks amazing. It would also make the room feel really cozy.