Can the drywall tape be bleeding through the paint?

Anonymous asked 4 years ago

This weekend I noticed a brown line running through the ceiling in our dining room. It appears to be the outline of the drywall tape. At first I thought it was a leak since there is a bathroom above the dining room, but it only seems to be along the outline of the tape, which if it was a leak I thought it would spread unevenly. Can the drywall tape be bleeding through the paint? This seems to be the only area in the house where it is happening.

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DonaldIbanez answered.

Hi there! Sorry for replying so late! I was searching online and got to know about this thread! Maybe there is a major leak present over there which causes brown line running through the ceiling. I think inspection is much necessary to check the leak otherwise that might lead to bigger problems such as water damage. Taking the help from an expert in such situation will help. We too got ceiling leaking in the house a few months back. But it becomes too late to notice the leak and which causes the problem of water damage in the house. As the damage detects, our neighbor suggested us to take the help from a public adjuster from this site for filing an insurance claim and to repair the damage.

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