Can you paint over groove wall paneling in a mobile home?

John Staff asked 4 years ago

This mobile home has cheap groove paneling. Can you paint over it with an oil base primer and paint?

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crowderpainting Staff answered 9 years ago

Yes you can and your half way there with the oil based primer. The key is the initial prep. A good (very good) cleaning is needed. I like to use TSP, trisodium phosphate. But, any good degreasing cleaner will work. You should also use a liquid deglosser/sander. This will remove anything left behind after the washing and ready the surface for priming. The deglosser is like sanding, it will increase the adhesion of the primer.

Now you can prime and paint. A good primer to use is Zinsser Cover Stain. This will stick very well to the paneling. Allow the primer to dry overnight before painting.

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