Ceiling Painting Problems

Roby asked 10 years ago

I didn’t follow any of the rules of ceiling painting and now have a mess after paying almost $500 to have the knock down texture blown on the ceiling. I have roller lines and it seems to have picked up the squares of the 2X6 beams also so I have lines everywhere.

I use a extension roller and 3/8 roller cover. I have Sherman Williams decent quality paint and a latex flat.


Love to make it right without re-blowing the texture.

2 Answers
Crowder Painting answered.

Apply another coat of paint. Sounds like this is all that is needed. If the paint is too thick or difficult to roll use a thicker roller cover, 3/4 inch, and add a little water to the paint.

You didn't mention priming before painting. If this is the case, the first coat of paint soaked into the texture possibly causing the problem with the "squares of the 2X6 beams".

Anonymous answered.

thank you so much. I wasn't told by the drywall guys nor Sherman Williams to use primer. Now I think about it, it makes sense. I have never painted anything before that was brand new….