Ceiling Water Spots

Anonymous asked 10 years ago

Ceiling water stained spots were covered with an oil-based Kilz. After painting the ceiling with flat paint, the shiny spots are showing through. Now what do we do to fix it? I do not want a glossy living room ceiling.

1 Answers
Crowder Painting answered.

This could be an easy fix. First try repainting the spots. It's possible that they need a little more paint.

If this doesn't work, purchase a spray can of Kilz Shellac and reprime the spots. Apply 2 coats of shellac with 30 minutes of dry time between the coats. Allow the primer to dry for 1 hour then touch-up the spots. Two coats of paint might be needed over the primer, this depends on the quality of paint you are using. Allow 4-6 hours for dying between each coat of paint.