Change colour of stained door.

Anonymous asked 10 years ago

I just finished staining 2 new solid pine french doors with an oil based stain. I don’t like the colour. What can I do now? Can I paint over with a lighter stain (without sanding) or with a white paint? (I really want to avoid sanding)

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evelien answered.


White paint is an option,(it needs to be oil based too). It will need more than one coat too. Lighter stain won't help, I'm afraid.

Hope this was helpful, Evelien

JT Creations, LLC answered.

I have used several techniques to resolve similar issues.

You should be able to change the stain colour to one of similar or deeper tone. This can be accomplished by simply re-staining with no sanding involved.

You could try mixing a small amount of oil based stain in with a satin varnish and applying over what you have done. This too will involved no sanding but can only stay the same depth or deeper.

If you wish to achieve a lighter shade then you have left your self no option than sanding and beginning anew. To achieve the colour you wish and would enjoy for years to come, sand away and reward your self with a finish product you will enjoy.