Change paint tint.

Phyllis asked 10 years ago

I bought 5 gallons of Glidden eggshell paint & after painting my living room with it, it has too much of a peach tint. Before I paint any more of the walls with it how can I change the tint to more of a tan?

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evelien answered.

Hello Phyllis,

You can neutralize the orangeness of the peach tint with a little blue or green.

Maybe do the mixing in a few steps, to make sure you go to a desired result.

It's best, when you put all the paint in one big bucket (and pour it back in the jars after that).

Some options:

When your paint is dark enough already, start with a few drops of blue (ultramarine or violet-blue). If the color gets too "cold", before it's dark enough, stop with the blue and switch to adding dark brown.

Option two is, the other way around (when your paint is relatively light as well): Dark brown – Add it in small amounts. If you find that the color goes darker while still remaining too 'warm', add a little blue (it neutralizes the orangeness).

Beware: add it drop by drop, and take you time to stir it well in between. keep a little of the original color to compare your results. When you're absorbed in watching, seeing the color gradually change, it's hard to see the difference.

Eventually, use a mixing machine (like a normal drilling machine with a mixing stick).

good luck, Evelien