Choice of paint for a walk-in closet.

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Rob asked 10 years ago

We are about to re-do our walk-in closet, and it makes sense to re-paint it first. Is flat paint or satin the best recommended choice, and why?


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Anonymous answered.

Hello Rob,

It depends on your taste, really. Satin is maybe a bit stronger, and the less sheen you have, the less irregularities are pronounced. Less sheen also means, less emphasis on the forms of the closit itself. White matte will look like wall paint.

But all in all, it really depends most on what you'd like.

Think of the colors you choose too. It'll be the background on which you see all your clothes! A white, neutral or off-white might probably be best.

Anonymous answered.

Thanks A. We ended up going with eggshell, on advise from the Kelly Moore guy, where we bought the paint. They had some remnants for $4/gal. We got a white, and a light green, mixed them, and ended up with an almost white green – looks cool.