Clear Overcoating Painted Bathroom Walls

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Bobbie asked 9 years ago

We just finished painting my bathroom and my husband is wondering if we can and should go over the entire room again with a clear coat of paint to protect and preserve it. My daughter and I selected Olympic interior satin latex instead of a bathroom and kitchen enamel (first mistake) and I guess my husband feels it won’t hold up as well as it should.

Normally, I am the only one showering in this bathroom–unless grand kids are visiting–so it doesn’t see lots of traffic and moisture. If we should repaint, what type of clear paint should we use.

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Crowder Painting answered.

As long as the paint is good (quality) there is no need for further protection. The best way to protect your walls and ceiling from moisture damage is to use ventilation during and after showering. This alone is enough.

If you want more protection use a semi-gloss paint instead of a satin. The semi-gloss is more resistant to water. A clear coat can also be applied. If you choose this, use a clear acrylic urethane with a semi-gloss finish. This will stick well to paint.

Personally, I would just ventilate then repaint when necessary.