Coating a 7 year old outside deck.

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Joe asked 10 years ago

Have a 7 year old deck that has been treated with oil based stain 3 times. The floor wood used is regular treated wood. The age of the floor wood is starting to show. Its starting to get splinters on top and our little girls are getting splinters in their foot. We can’t belt sand it to much because of the top of the screws in the floor deck. Is there some kind in wax/puddy that can be brushed on to cover the splinters and make it a smooth surface. We have a multi level deck that is 1000 sq. ft.
Please help.

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MagicDave answered.

Use any good grade wood filler…

Crowder Painting answered.

Counter-sink the screws and do a good sanding. Replace any boards that are too bad even for sanding. This is the best way.