Confused on painting house!!!

Tanya asked 10 years ago

I was wondering if my hallway is connected to my kitchen and not very long should I paint it the same as my kitchen or the same as my living room/dining room that is connected on the other side, or should I paint it a colour that will match both?

2 Answers
Anonymous answered.

If you paint the hallway to match the living room, then the hallway will feel like a continuance of that space. If you paint to match the kitchen, then it too will appear to be more than it is. But if you paint to match both, then the hallway will feel like a smooth transition between the two spaces. I would consider firstly if either room needs the apparent increase in size, and if not then paint to match them both to give flow to your living space.

Anonymous answered.

One way to make this decision easier is to look at the trim situation. If there is trim surrounding the entrance to either room, consider that the dividing line and paint the hallway to match the room it connects to without interruption. If not, my gut says to go with the living room color, as kitchens are usually more isolated in feeling. The idea of adding a third color is risky– it could end up looking jumbled.