Correct newly painted walls.

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Mary asked 11 years ago

I have two things to correct on newly painted walls:

I have some recent scuff marks that will not wash off. How do I correct them?

I also have small sections of walls that need a second coat. Can you offer some suggestions? Someone once told me that the solution is to lightly touch up with a brush and “feather” the paint out from the spot. After paying a professional painter to redo my walls I do not want to damage the work that was done. Thx.

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Crowder Painting answered.

Who ever that someone was they got it right. For the sections that need another coat you will need to use the same application method, example- use a paint roller. This will minimize any flashing that could happen. If the sections are very large plan on painting from corner to corner.

If the scuff marks return after touch-up then you will need a stain blocking primer. There some in spray cans that do work, both Kilz and Zinsser Cover Stain are great for this type of job.