Corrugated Plastic Sundeck Roof

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Sue asked 10 years ago

What is the best paint to put on corrugated plastic roofing? My deck is covered in this clear corrugated plastic and it’s like a green house in the summertime. I love my roof and don’t want to replace it so thought painting it would be a better idea than draping curtains over the roof and do I need a primer if I use elastomeric paint which has been suggested to me.
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Anonymous answered.

I don't recommend painting this type of roof. Most likely it will peel even with a good primer. If you want to try painting you will need to do the following;

* Clean the roof really good.

* Sand all areas with 120 grit sandpaper to increase adhesion of the primer.

* Apply a primer designed for this type of plastic. You will need to know what type of plastic your roof is made of.

A primer is necessary no matter what type of roof paint is used. The tricky part is finding a good primer for the plastic. Go to your local paint store, not a hardware store, and explain what you are hoping to accomplish. They will have access to the right products.

Anonymous answered.

Plastic spray paint might be good