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Gary asked 10 years ago

When we paint, it appears that we almost always have to primer before painting. This is not cost affective in the competing market today.

Customers want you in and out ASAP. What can I do to reduce cost and time on a job? Will additives help to get a two coat look with only one coat of paint?

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Crowder Painting answered.

There is no way to get a 2 coat paint job with only one coat of paint, no matter what additive are used. What you can try is;
1- Use the best paint possible. Better paints have better coverage over different colors. They also stick much better, reducing the need for primer.
2- If using a primer is truly needed use a tinted primer to make the coat of paint easier to apply.

One way to look at this problem is quality verses quantity. You can separate yourself from your competition by producing a better product. Will it be more expensive? Yes, but it can be a good way to sell yourself to the customer. While everyone else is using cheap paint, skipping steps to get that check and get out fast, you will be providing the highest quality possible. The customer that wants quality is usually willing to pay for it.

MagicDave answered.

If you're going for the "Long Haul" in this business, you need to "Ride With The Waves" to survive tough times… BUT Never short cut yourself on price or short cut the customer on quality… better customers are just around the corner…