Cost of Painting Installed Baseboard per Linear Foot

Questions & AnswersCost of Painting Installed Baseboard per Linear Foot
Tammy asked 9 years ago

What do you charge for painting installed baseboard, in an inhabited home? I would like to price it per foot for the customer.

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MagicDave answered.

It's a BAD Idea to price a job like this "per foot" … there are too many if's and but's … how much furniture will you need to move, or will they have it moved for you? Or will taping be necessary along all the base? The BEST way to quote a job like this is… use your experience… how long will it take you and how much material will it take… then figure from there… perhaps add 5-10% for overhead… Good Luck!

Anonymous answered.

It depends on the level of finish that the customer wants. But you should figure out your production rates; how many lineal feet of base you can caulk, putty, and finish per hour. Then charge accordingly to your hourly rate. But if you are talking a very basic pre-primed 2/14" base, painted white w/2 coats. It should be somewhere in the 1.00 – 1.70 per lineal foot