Cracking Patio

bodielou asked 10 years ago

70 year old female do-it-yourselfer would like to know how to inexpensively, but effectively use a rubberized paint to cover a cracking patio. Have sealed in past, but feel needs something more so I can stop erosion along edges next to lawn. Need help quickly; just got idea kind of late.

1 Answers
MagicDave answered.

Assuming your patio is cement… If grease is present, then remove it with Lacquer Thinner and steel wool… then you need to CLEAN IT completely using a 1/10 solution of muratic acid and water, with a scrub brush…

Next use a Masonry Primer (acrylic) and seal in the whole patio surface… finally Paint it with Porch & Deck Paint (acrylic)… Good Luck!