Customary practice for painting soffits?

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Doc Gabe asked 6 years ago

I hired a contractor to paint the exterior of my house, including trim. They were clear about certain exclusions – the (aluminum) fascia, the vinyl window trim – but the contract calls for them to paint the “eaves” (we agreed that referred to the bottom of the area where the roof overhangs the house).  They power washed and painted but did NOT paint the soffit vent area (6″ wide soffit venting that runs from front to back of the house).  Contractor claims that’s not wood (which is true) and it is therefore not included.  To me it seems crazy to say “we’ll paint the soffits” but not a 6″ swath on either side of the house.    Question:  Am I being unreasonable in insisting that this was part of the deal? 

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MagicDave answered.

No you are being quit Fair infact… even if that area is not wood construction it will make the whole job look “unfinished” if left unpainted… talk to the contractor and if he is a “Real Pro” he will go ahead (without charging extra) and finish the job! Good Luck!