Daughter's bedroom color

Kathy asked 6 years ago

We are remodeling upstairs in our home and I am trying to find the right color for my daughter’s new bedroom. There is light pine wood on the ceiling which slants down on two sides and medium stained baseboards and trim around one big window that faces north. The room gets medium light from window. We put an autumn forest wallpaper mural on one small angled wall which has all different greens in it. I’m thinking a green color for other walls, but cannot find the right green. We want a woodsy forest look in the room, but something that she will still like as she gets older (8 years old now).

Any suggestions of some colors (exact name and brand) would be great. I am looking at several brands, Sherwin Williams, Dutch Boy, Glidden, Pittsburgh, Behr, Valspar, and Ace. Possibly thinking of doing the window wall a lighter color than other walls? Not sure. Thanks.

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