Deck Stain Color

Anonymous asked 10 years ago

My house is a light grayish blue tint with white trim and pewter roof. What color deck stain would you suggest?

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Anonymous answered.

It is usually more aesthetically pleasing to use a deck stain somewhat darker than the the main color of the house. If would also add a nice effect to choose a color close to the color of your roof in your case. The precise choice, however, would take into consideration the condition of the deck now. If you have nicely aged, silver colored decking that has never been painted, a clear stain would yield a nice effect. On the other hand, if your deck is already stained you will have to choose pigmented stain, one with enough pigment density that will suffice to cover up the old color and result in the desired color.

Anonymous answered.

Your house sounds very pretty and light. You have three options. You can stain the deck simply to protect it, using a clear stain. But if you want to make a style statement, you can try either a white stain, which is nice in summer in warm climates to provide a cool look, or you can use a stain with a darker wood tone, to create the feeling of a teak deck on a sailboat or a Key West cottage look.