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joe asked 10 years ago

I am painting my wood kitchen cabinets. Wife wants them distressed. I will wash, sand, prime, and apply a bottom coat x2 of dark brown. This is the color she want to peek through. The top coat will be white or a cream. I will dilute the top coat.

OK, here is the question…. When I distress (worm holes, cracks, chain) do I do this before top coat or before bottom, or after bottom, etc, etc, etc? I think I get the idea just looking for some advice.

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JT Creations, LLC answered.

Either way will provide different finishes. If you want the brown to be visible, distress before you paint the brown. If you prefer the brown to be less visible, distress after you apply the brown.

Anonymous answered.

Hi Joe,you should check with home depot they now have a top coat you can just brush on over your cream color and it will look distressed. good luck