Do I need a primer coat before staining my cedar siding?

Steve asked 4 years ago

The W side of my house is starting to look weathered. The cedar siding is dark in some areas, chalky in others. I purchased Cabot stripper and brightener to prep the surface, and got a small sample can of clear cedar stain to try out. Now as I research, I see a lot of comments on Cabot’s website about choosing the right primer. Is that only for paint applications? Or also stain? I am new to staining (other than a few small furniture projects). Thanks for your help.

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Crowder Painting answered.

A primer isn't necessary for a siding stain. The comments are probably about Cabot's acrylic solid color deck stain. It does require a primer. (Strange that a deck stain would need a primer.)

Prep is the key with staining cedar siding. Make sure it is well washed and very dry before applying any stain.

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