Do I need to prime the walls before painting if I sanded first?

Questions & AnswersCategory: Painting Walls and CeilingsDo I need to prime the walls before painting if I sanded first?
Anonymous asked 7 years ago

The walls that I painted are in a house about 10 years old and had only been painted one time with a flat finish prior to me painting them. I noticed that the area within a couple feet of the ceiling (around the entire room) was very rough so I decided to sand it first with an orbital sander for a smoother finish. The sander had a dust collector but I still wiped down the entire walls before painting. I was going from flat to satin with Sherwin Williams Duration and was worried that all the roughness would show through with the satin finish. I painted the walls three times and have roller marks and an uneven blotchy finish around the top of the walls where I sanded. The paint seemed to dry quickly even on the 3rd coat. I plan to add flotrol (spelling?) to help with that if I repaint. What I am most concerned about is the blotchy uneven finish from sanding. I was told at the paint store that I didn’t need a primer if I was planning on painting two coats, but what if the roughness was from ceiling overspray that was oil-based? I am so frustrated! I expected sanding to make it better not worse! Should I prime and paint again? I just painted the three coats last week – only one coat per day. It was a lot of work for such terrible results! Where did I go wrong?

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