Do I paint the doors the same color as the wall or cabinets?

Questions & AnswersCategory: Interior Paint Colors-Trim, Windows, DoorsDo I paint the doors the same color as the wall or cabinets?
Anonymous asked 10 years ago

Painting my kitchen walls a light gray and cabinets a lighter gray. What color should I paint my back door and basement door? The wall color or the cabinet color? The floor will be black.

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Anonymous answered.

I didn't paint them the same color. You should paint them any color you like. I would go with white. You can never go wrong with white. So if I were you just paint the back door white and basement door white as well. and it would look bright with having a black floor.

Anonymous answered.

Normally the trim (door frames, base and window sills) are the same throughout the house. This includes the doors. But the norm isn't a set rule.

What color are the windows? This could be a good color for the doors as well. What about the ceiling color? If it is white or a light color this would also look good on the doors, allowing some continuity or flow of color.

If you want to accent the doors a bit I would go with the cabinet color. This way they will stand out against the wall color.

Anonymous answered.

Don't paint the same color as it will feel odd. The cabinets can be any color you like, example- a dark brown (chocolate) color. The back doors and basement door can be a lighter color or go bold, green or red. Color reflects a mood of a person. So give good colors.