Does exterior stucco paint breathe?

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John asked 10 years ago

I have a 3+ year old house with some minor cracking in the stucco finish. I want to have the cracks repaired and then repaint/protect/waterproof, whatever is appropriate.

Have heard that you “can’t paint stucco” because some/all paints do not allow stucco to breathe. Is this true or do latex paints designed for stucco allow water vapor to escape? Home is located in coastal San Diego county. Thanks.

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Crowder Painting answered.

Acrylic coatings (paints) designed for stucco surfaces do allow excessive moisture to leave the wall while protecting the stucco from moisture intrusion. The amount of "breathing" is a bit different for each type of coating and also different from manufacture to manufacture.

I suggest you find out what's available in your area by visiting your local paint stores. Ask for the spec sheet (technical data sheet) on the products they offer and compare each different coating. Look for the part that says "Vapor Permeability".