Door frame and baseboard colors.

Victoria asked 10 years ago

I have 3 doors in my back entry. I wanted to paint the doors off-white but I’m not sure about the door frames and baseboard. They are all stained a medium brown. There is also wainscoting in the dining area stained the same color. If I paint the door and frame off-white, what do I do about the baseboards and wainscoting/chair rail? Two of the doors are hollow wood while the 3rd is a steel door going to the garage.

2 Answers
MagicDave answered.

You could leave them as is or paint them the same… but be sure to prime them first using an oil base primer or a pigmented shellac primer, if you paint them…

Crowder Painting answered.

Paint just the doors but leave the frame and base boards alone. This looks good and you won't need to do anything with the wainscoting.