Door paint color?

Anonymous asked 10 years ago

My house has gray siding with black trim for the base and shutters. Should I paint my front door red, even though I have a white & glass storm door?

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Anonymous answered.

Red tends to be a very classic color for front doors these days and commonly look good on any color home. The white and glass storm door will look fine in red- no need to be concerned with that.

Anonymous answered.

There is no right or wrong answer to your question, as it is a matter of personal style and taste. The red door would look very well with the gray siding and black trim, despite your storm door being white and glass. You could always accentuate the door with potted plants with red florals, or porch furniture with cushions that have some reds in the pattern. If you a person who is not a fan of standing out, then I would stay with a door that is white, and try to add accents in other areas.

Anonymous answered.

Most definitely yes! We did this to our home and shortly after, we saw red doors pop up all over the neighborhood. Just make sure it is a dark, candy apply red. Not orange toned/pink toned, or maroon.

MagicDave answered.

Paint the front door to match the shutters…