Doors and trim color with chocolate color house?

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sally vk asked 10 years ago

What color should I paint the trim color with a chocolate ice cream color house? The roof is green tin, the windows are white…I do not want white trim and am not real hot on a green door to math the roof.

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Anonymous answered.

I think a bright red or dark red color for the doors & trim would go well with the rest of your house. Bright red with green & brown would give a bold contrasting look that really stands out well, but it may be too flashy compared to the houses next door. Dark red would match well with the browns and give a more subdued look while still having enough contrast to draw attention.

Anonymous answered.

I would use a cream type color for the door. With the trim, a rich orange color would set it off very nicely and allow the contrast to make this a very nice combination. This would allow it to stand off from the house and be very attractive.

Anonymous answered.

I am also having the green metal roof put on my brown home. I was thinking of using a tan color for trim. Tan looks great with brown and green,it also will look light next to brown. I haven't decided on the door,although I am leaning toward the same green as the roof. I've always been told three colors,are the rule of thumb. I hope that gave you food for thought. There are many variations of tan. Good Luck!! 🙂