Dry brushing exterior brick

Anonymous asked 9 years ago

My exterior brick is red, black and gold. Where the red and gold meet on some of the bricks, it is an ugly rust color. I don’t want to paint the entire brick surface because of possible future maintenance issues. I would like to apply a dark tan color over the gold bricks and maybe enhance the black and red with a dry brush method. Any suggestions on what paint to use, and how I would go about doing this?

3 Answers
MagicDave answered.

This would be a disaster when finished… best left to a professional…

Crowder Painting answered.

Try a semi-transparent masonry/brick stain. This would be easier to do with less disastrous results.

Anonymous answered.

You could apply a fog coat (a cement and pigment mixture) which is sprayed onto other cementious materials staining the surface your choice of color. This will allow the surface to breathe and act normal. You can spray the mix with a pump up insecticide spray bottle.