Drywall Repair

Jane asked 10 years ago

I have a small bathroom which has a lot of damage on the drywall after the previous owner removed wallpaper and painted over it. I am on a budget and need some ideas. HELP!!

2 Answers
Crowder Painting answered.

First, scrape the wall surface with a 6 inch drywall knife. This will remove or expose areas higher than the wall. The areas will need extra work.

Now prime everything with an acrylic primer. The primer is needed to make sure the repairs remain stuck to the surface.

Now you can apply drywall mud to the damaged rough areas. Allow to dry between coats and sand smooth at the end. To help cover up any unevenness you can apply a texture to the walls/ceiling.

Check out <a href="https://www.house-painting-info.com/drywall-repair.html">Drywall Repair</a> for more information.

Everything Karl says is correct. The acrylic primer I would use is Gardz made by Zinsser and available at Home Depot. It is so much more than a primer. It seals in the chalky elements of drywall so much better and thus allows better adhesion of anything on top. It is also great when you want to repaint over cheap builders paint where they have not used a primer. It actually soaks through the top coat creating better top coat adhesion.