Dulling Paint Finish

Jean Robertson asked 10 years ago

Can I add something to a satin finish paint to make it eggshell or have a dull finish?

3 Answers
MagicDave answered.

No you most likely will "screw it up"… and end up with a flat finish…

BTW the visual difference between satin and eggshell is minimal…

So go ahead and buy new paint with a flat sheen and start over… if that's what you want… Good Luck!

Anonymous answered.

You can mix eggshell paint in same color to lessen the gloss of the satin.

Anonymous answered.

The dulling ingredient in paint is silica. There are companies that sell a flattening agent. If you can't find one, the additive is silica…aka diatomaceous earth. You can do your own samples with a small amount of paint and the additive, on a small scale, and then adjust the amount of additive for the size of your container. Mixing is the trick. It must be well mixed, ask your paint store to shake it for you. Once you've settled on the amount to add, run samples. None of this is rocket science. Just do your homework.
Hope this helps!