Eggshell latex paint showing roller marks on floor to ceiling wall!

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Maggie asked 6 years ago

My husband and I just spent a whole day applying a coat of Valspar eggshell white paint to our brand new home, only to find out that our large walls (floor to cathedral ceiling) look awful. Despite our best efforts, the roller marks show when the walls are viewed on an angle – which is virtually constantly since this is such a large (and tall) focal point in the home. I?m not sure if the problem is the finish (eggshell), the color (a definite white, NOT off white or cream, nor is it ultrawhite), the application or a combination of the three. All walls were adequately primed with an all seal primer.

After reviewing your Q&A section, I’m thinking that we probably should have used a flat paint on this tall wall, but I’d like your thoughts on the same. If flat paint it the proper route, are we okay to go ahead and paint that flat finish right over the eggshell?

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Lynn answered.

Hey everyone I have some input that might be helpful. If you think of a wall like a sponge you might get this. Walls are porous. The paint does not just lay on top in it also absorbed. Walls that are older and have not been painted in many years are very dry and suck up paint like crazy. The paint dries very fast on a wall like this. If the paint dries so fast then you come along with a brush or roller and go over it there is going to be a thicker layer in the overlap spot and the sheen will be different. It sucks. My friend has a house 15yes old never been painted since built. We did a bedroom and this uneven sheen was all over the walls. EVEN with self priming paint. The walls are just so dry it will happen. To avoid it you can prime the walls, and I suggest you have the primer tinted. To correct the problem you need to repaint top to bottom all the walls because your first can acted as your primer.

MagicDave answered.

Use flat paint but you might have to block sand the marks first…

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