EIFS repair and repainting

John Willson asked 5 years ago

We have a small condo association of 5 duplex buildings, all one-story with walk-out lower levels. They were built one at a time, from about 2000 to about 2010. The exteriors are all EIFS, on which  the finish is beginning to show its age (& some of the joints in the sheets of material). There are some minor repair issues to be addressed, such as hairline cracks, a few larger cracks, woodpecker holes and so on, but our biggest concern at the moment is what paints, primers, and processes will give us the best, longest-lasting results? Do we need to use an elastomeric product? if so, for primer or for the finish coat? If used as a primer, what should be used for a finish coat? Do we need to apply a seal coat to the walls prior to the primer? In general, we need someone to lay out the exact total specific process and products which we should use. Thanks!

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Crowder Painting answered.

This is what I would do;

  • After the repairs seal around all windows, doors and other openings or protrusions with Sherwin Williams Shermax caulk. 
  • Apply Sherwin Williams Sherlastic elastomeric coating, 2 coats.  First coat heavy and backrolled to seal the pores then a second coat sprayed only to even out the color and sheen plus provide the necessary thickness for max performance.
  • Trim and doors can be a top quality regular paint, Duration or Resilience for example.

No primer is needed for the efis color coat, acrylic paints will stick really well.  The problem with using regular paint is the pores need sealing and this either requires using a primer, masonry primer, or excessive amounts of paint.  The elastomeric coating can be used as the primer, sealing the pores, and first coat.  This will make the job go faster and lower the overall price.

MagicDave answered.

First of all CLEAN all surfaces using just hot water, TSP and rags or a brush on a stick…do NOT use a power washing system!!! Then spackle (using exterior grade spackle) and caulk (using a non silicon caulk) everywhere that needs repairing… NEXT give all of the surfaces a “wash coat” using the finish coat paint (use Sherwin Williams A-100 (a flat finish is best for your need)… finally topcoat with a thicker coat of the same paint (color of choice, of course)…
Be sure to only do the work when you have CONTINUOUS weather temperature of at least 50 F overnite for at least 2 weeks (for curing) and preferably median relative humidity (30%-50%)… Good Luck

MagicDave answered.

First spot repair the local cracks etc with an exterior grade oil base spackle… then wash all areas with regular soap and water… next prime all areas with an exterior grade oil base sealer primer… finally top coat with one heavy coat of acrylic Sherwim Williams exterior grade paint, try A-100… use a flat finish…
Good Luck