Elastomeric 5 gal Coverage

Anonymous asked 10 years ago

How much area does 5 gal of elastomeric paint cover?

3 Answers
Frontline Painting answered.

In reality elastomeric materials should only cover approx 150-200 sq ft per gal. Should also be back rolled behind the sprayer.

Anonymous answered.

All paints include instructions on the container which also specify typical coverage. Typical elastomeric paints go on think (~15 mils), and will only cover 120 sf/gal. Most also require 2 coats for a waterproof seal, which will require twice as much paint (bringing coverage down to just 60 sf/gal for 2 coats).

Anonymous answered.

For fresh concrete, never been painted before, it is 120 square feet per gallon for the first coat. A second coat would be about 150 square feet per gallon.