Elastomeric exterior wood in New England?

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Anonymous asked 10 years ago

How will elastomeric paint hold up on cedar on the exterior of a home in harsh freeze/thaw conditions like MA? Will it also allow the house to breath? What is an acceptable perm rating for this?

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MagicDave answered.

If your cedar is currently unfinished, I would not recommend painting it… cedar exteriors tend to move around at bit, and are not back-primed and not suitable for painting, without extensive oil priming beforehand… Stain it using an oil based exterior stain, then seal it with an exterior Spar Urethane Varnish……

If it is currently painted then scrape and spot prime (oil primer) where necessary, then finish coat with a high grade exterior product, latex will work well, use Sherwin Williams A-100 (satin, flat or gloss)… most all acrylic paints are "elastomeric" in nature, and will "breath" well…

Perm ratings are very dubious to reference and should be ignored… too many climate factors involved…

Good Luck!

Crowder Painting answered.

Dave is correct; if your cedar siding isn't painted now just use a stain, solid colored is best and will look like paint. Exterior stains are very breathable and perfect for this application.

An elastomeric coating can be used and will out last any regular paint but there are limits to any coating. As you look at different manufactures look for recommended surfaces (many elastomeric's are masonry only) and a perm rating of 10 or more, the higher the number the better.