Elastomeric Paint and heavy rain and freezing temps

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Joe asked 6 years ago

We have a fairly new mountain home that, because of fire danger (it is located in the San Bernardino mountains in southern California), is concrete and steel construction.  The exterior finish is Santa Barbara style stucco.  The south side of the building gets pounded by rain and when the temperature drops the water in the stucco freezes.  Temperature varies from below freezing to 95 degrees depending on time of year.  Over time the color coat has peeled away from the walls because of the freezing and everyone we have received a bid from says there is no guarantee that it won’t happen again unless we seal it.  We are considering an elastomeric coating, applied by a professional, after the repairs are made to prevent any water from getting into the new stucco.  We don’t want to have to revisit this problem again for a long time.  Any thoughts or suggestions are appreciated.

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MagicDave answered.

Forget about sealing it… that really is not possible and that approach is money wasted … now keep in mind that virtually every home with exterior painting, regardless of how good it is done, or where it is located, or what the surface is, usually needs repainting about every 8 years or so! So with that in mind, prepare it by scraping and caulking and patching wherever necessary using exterior grade materials, and Prime it with an exterior grade acrylic masonry primer… then Top Coat with a high grade exterior acrylic paint, (Sherwin Williams A-100 OR Behr paint) using a flat finish (looks best on stucco)… Good Luck!