Elastomeric paint instead of shelf paper.

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Larry asked 10 years ago

What are your thoughts on using an elasotomeric paint as a replacement for kitchen shelf paper? Shelf paper is slow to install, and I thought it might be easier, and cheaper, to paint the bottom of drawers and cabinets to provide a waterproof, easy to clean surface.

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Crowder Painting answered.

Painting the inside surfaces of drawers is a good alternative to shelf paper. I wouldn't use elastomeric but a semi-gloss paint instead.

1) Elastomeric paint still requires the drawer bottoms be primed before painting, this is the same as any paint.

2) It will be tough to find any elastomeric paint in anything other than 5 gallon buckets. This is a coating that is normally sold to pro's for complete jobs.

3) Elastomeric paint doesn't have a very shiny appearance when dry, it's more like eggshell or satin. This might make it difficult to clean.

Overall using shelf paper is probably easier to do. But, if you still want paint use a good acrylic semi-gloss.

Anonymous answered.

I agree with previous respondent…too rubbery and soft for replacing shelf paper.