Elastomeric Paint on Structural Glulam Beams and Arches

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Don asked 6 years ago

Building- Built in 1969, Japanese temple made of very large doug fir glulam cantilever beams, arches and glulam fascia.

We are in the process of restoring the Japanese temple and the structural engineer recommended elastomeric coatings to the very large (10″ wide x 3.5 foot tall x 60′ long) glulam beams and arches. Most of the cantilever beams are on the inside of the temple and are exposed. The parts of the cantilever beams that are exposed to the sunlight/environment have had dry rot issues.

The problem is we were told that nobody makes an elastomeric paint in a dark brown due to pigmentation issues that are not compatible with the elongation properties of elasomeric paint. Please advise- should we just go to the darkest elastomeric possible? Or is there another paint product that has elongation properties (just not as much as the elastomeric)?

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