Entry Door Color

Anonymous asked 10 years ago

My house is Cedar siding. The roof is reddish brown. What color should I us for an entry door?

3 Answers
Crowder Painting answered.

Dark brown color is good for your entry door. It will match with your roof color very well.

Anonymous answered.

Since your house has warm, natural, wood siding, and a warm colored roof, you'll want to consider a door color that will "pop". The door is the vocal point of any home, and should stand out separately from the rest of the house. Consider a forest green, a deep burgundy/wine, or slate blue. Don't be shy about over doing it.

Anonymous answered.

The color of an entry door is virtually unlimited when your house is sided with an unfinished or unpainted natural wood. You may truly choose whatever color you wish, however, neutral colors such as browns or beige tints may leave the exterior of the house a bit drab and uninteresting. Bright, vibrant colors are an excellent choice for an entry door. Different shades of reds or green colors could make the difference over your house appearing dull or spectacular!