Exterior brick painting.

Anonymous asked 9 years ago

The exterior brick on my home is currently painted with semi-gloss paint, and I’d like to paint over it with a flat paint. What are the steps that I should follow?

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M.A.C. Painting answered.

Well Jeanne,

First power wash the surface using a cleaner, they sell them at Lowes all different kinds. Once cleaned you want to prepare yourself for the painting, I recommend using Super paint however I have heard that they changed formulas since I last used it on a brick storefront. So Duration will work too. These are more expensive but they work and they last a long time. You can spray it but I recommend brush and roll on brick using a 1/4 inch nap <sleeve> and a brush, avoid roller marks <the lines from rolling> by using less pressure on the roller, just let the weight of the roller do the work. I recommend at least two coats.

Adam D. Cavenagh
M.A.C. Painting