Exterior door color for Cape Cod house.

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Anonymous asked 10 years ago

White cape cod with black shutters. What color front door paint do you suggest?

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Anonymous answered.

The best color for the front door should be a silver or gray color. The reason for this would be to accent the white exterior and black shutters. The alternative would depend on the color of the window blinds or curtains, whereas the door should match the color of these.

Anonymous answered.

It sounds like such a beautiful house! I would stick with a darker color front door. You could paint it black to match the shutters or contrast with a forest (or deeper) green or navy blue. I would definitely not do white or something light-colored, because it will blend in with the body of the house instead of "popping"!

Anonymous answered.

Red…a deep apple red. A welcoming sign for visitors and a tasteful, eyecatching entrance.

MagicDave answered.

Paint the front door to match the shutters…